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Without leads, your phone won’t ring
Why Is Lead Generation Important?

Lifeblood of any growing business

If you do not have leads, your phone will not trill with inquiries from qualified prospects who desire to do business with your company. You may have to resort to making cold calls in order to promote your service or product. This is not a desirable situation.

Any growing business needs a continuous supply of fresh leads which are its lifeblood. This is all the more important if you are a service provider like pest control, financial services, water damage restoration, legal services, electrician, carpet cleaner, locksmith etc. You should be looking at pay-per –call or click-to-call lead generation. These are also known as pay per lead. If you have heard that they are effective, you are right.

Key: As a business owner your aim should be to transform strangers into loyal customers, ones who will be loyal buyers of your business and those who will recommend you to friends and family in due course of time.

Here’s how we generate
Leads For You

Let’s get down to brass tacks.

If your desire is to have the phone ringing off the hook with calls from brand new customers, we have the resources to make that happen. That’s the reason why our clients call us.

What you do with all these extra phone calls is entirely up to you!

Lead generation nowadays can happen on a one-to-one basis, managing to reach small groups of targeted prospects; they deliver a decent and measurable ROI and they cost mere pennies each.

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How can we make your
Phone Ring?

The opportunities for generation of leads are quite unlimited today

However they break down into inbound and outbound types.

The most favored method is inbound lead generation and it makes sense. Nowadays all customers and clients are busy people and like most busy people they are inure to the traditional methods of marketing. People tend to research services and products online first before they contact the business to affect a purchase.

An inbound lead seeks you out.

With really effective lead generation, a trail of content is laid out seductively for the prospect to stumble upon when they look for answers. This trail of content is followed back to you and your company.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization, blogs and social media are the most effective ways that prospects can come across your content online and thus become valued inbound leads for your business.

The other half of this mix is outbound lead generation. It is not effective because it is based on interruption. You need to send online and offline messages to your prospects.

You come across an outbound lead.

Direct mail, pay-per-click (ppc) ads and online display ads are the ways in which you can seek out your prospects and build outbound leads for your growing business.

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How we can help you maintain and attract B2B leads

Marketplace research and planning

The first step in any kind of marketing is to figure out what you’re competing with and what is the demand that you can fill.

Content marketing

To build a relationship with your niche we need to show them what your brand is about and content marketing is the best way to do that

Niche driven marketing strategy

With B2B marketing it is not necessary to market to everyone. Niche driven marketing saves a lot of resources and gets better results.

Retaining customers

Direct contact with the clients and having a relationship helps retain the one you’ve already got. We can help you do this and more.

B2B Lead Generation Services

Our Packages

For B2B marketing a good set of leads/prospects can make all the difference. Let us help you by picking one of the packages below.

basic plan

100 leads
Market research

  • Professional reporting
  • Lead Analysis
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standard plan

250 leads
Market research

  • Professional reporting
  • Lead Analysis
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deluxe plan

500 leads
Market research

  • Standard + Niche driven strategy
  • Audit
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premium plan

1000 leads
Market research

  • Deluxe + Focused lead qualification
  • Establishing contact
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Some of the methods we use for leads include:

  • Lead databases
  • Website scraping
  • Popular Directories
  • Yellow pages
  • Facebook Pages & places
  • LinkedIn
  • Google Maps/place data
  • Google/ Yahoo/ Bing
  • Whois data
  • Search Engines
  • Marketing automation
  • Lead magnets
  • Lead ads

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