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With several years of experience in the web development industry

MDHOV offers a world-class service in the field of WordPress development. Our clients have utilized our services to build highly dynamic and feature-rich websites that focus on readership and brand engagement. Dozen of countries have utilized our web designing and development services to enhance their business’ online presence. We serve client that are looking to catapult their WordPress website to the next level.


Our WordPress web development
Google Loves WordPress

When WP setup properly, no CMS will transport content to Google faster.

It apparently controls about 68% of the shares in the web industry, with most people being very familiar with the WordPress platform. Due to its versatility, WordPress is the preferred platform for businesses who want to carve out space in the digital world. At MDHOV, we have a suite of WordPress developers that will provide customized WordPress solutions to meet your business requirements.

Reaching for traffic
WP – Content Management System

Drive more traffic to your business

Our team is aware of the latest trends and algorithms and design, ensuring that not only are projects are completed on spec and on time, but they are future proof. We are ambitious, designing and constructing website in par with major online sites. We want to bring our expertise and enthusiasm with every project, regardless of its size.

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We Service Different Aspects of WordPress Development

Customized design

We’ll be able to customize your interface, menus, and how the website interacts with your readers. We deliver top-notch WordPress development, ensuring that your website adheres to the latest standards set by the major search engines.

Install extensions and the necessary plug-ins

Customizing the WordPress experience includes installing plug-ins and the necessary extensions. We have a dedicated team of professional developers that will ensure that your website behaves just how you want it to.

Upgrade website functionality

The major search engines want websites that are responsive and focuses on the content instead of affiliate marketing. We do that by upgrading its functionality, making it more responsive.

Theme utilization

We can easily create websites that are lightweight on resources and are highly responsive. Our development team uses the appropriate WordPress theme to base your website.

Using pixel perfect

These designs appear intuitive and compel users to dig deep into your website, improving your metrics. We use this design with the help of UI elements.

Ensuring compliance

Any website that we build will be compliant with local mandates. Our developers will also create custom plug-ins by inserting features that will improve the utility of your website.

Hand-drawn graphics

When graphics are designed by hand, they look a lot more natural and blend in with the rest of your websites aesthetic. These can be used for website logos, designs, as well as to add a personal touch to your site, humanizing it and helping generate trust with your readers.

Option to insert video headers

By inserting relevant videos on the header of your website, your message will be right in front of your readers. They won’t be confused as to what is the mission of your web properties. Our developers use customized video headers, as well as the background to turn your website into an immersive experience.


We will also be able to upgrade your website and make it more e-commerce friendly. Many website owners want to monetize your website with the help of carts and selling options. We’ll be able to meet these expectations by developing feature-rich and high-performing storefront that is built off of the WordPress framework.

Outstanding Word Press Website Development Services

We are a web development company that offers a full-service WordPress suite. Our services include

  • Website development
  • Conversion
  • Custom banners and headers
  • Installation and configuration of your WordPress website
  • Blog development
  • WordPress design and implementation

Major Steps to Effective WordPress Development

As mentioned, we have several years worth of experience when it comes to web development, especially when it comes to platforms like WordPress. Here are some of the most important tactics towards WordPress development.

Flexible Services

Our expert builds a website that resides in a flexible system which leads to effective workflow of ideas.

The value in effective communication

We believe in effective communication with our clients. We will render all diverse modes of any website design, ensuring that the client stays privy to any sort of slowdowns or issues.

Agile Methodology

Our expert builds a website that resides in a flexible system which leads to effective workflow of ideas.


We are also open to working with website owners who run a site that has sensitive information posted on it. Our confidentiality agreement ensures that developers will provide security when transferring information.

Peerless quality

Peerless quality ensures high-quality service that will not only meet but also exceed customer expectation.

Timed workflow

We time each step of the WordPress development process to ensure that we are moving forward strategically and effectively.



best-in-website designing tools and technologies.

Use advanced

WordPress methodology to enhance your business.

Meet the client

deadline within given time frame.

Ensure that your

brand is reflected in your web presence with our website design.

Earned great

experience of working on numerous WordPress projects.

Provide 24*7

customer support through dedicated professional.

Delivered rich

and high-quality based unique and effective content.


custom WordPress development solutions that guarantee utmost customer satisfaction.

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As you know, WordPress is an open source content management system that is used by the majority of people who create and design website. It powers about 15% of the top hundred websites in the world, hence positioning it as the go-to tool to boost your online presence. Researching for a development team that will help you design the perfect WordPress website? Then contact us.

How We Differentiate from Our Competitors

We put the value in leveraging our system and tech development team, ensuring that the design of tools and technologies are as seamless as possible. We also have current creative experience working on numerous projects at the same time — do not be afraid to contact us on the basis of web design, but also the design of plug-ins and themes. We utilize an advanced WordPress methodology to help take your business to the next level. Major search engines put a value in a feature-rich website that still load very quick — we will deliver on that promise, delivering rich and high-quality websites.

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Digital marketing services have earned a bad name for themselves over the past few years. We hope to change that through our work.

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