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Baidu’s challenging SEO environment:
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All search engines are not the same. Baidu is especially different due to language gaps, legalities, user behavior, censorship, and technical differences. Lucky for you, we have experts on this field in our team. So, if you’re someone who’s target market is in China or someone who is looking to expand their business. We can do this together!

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Keyword research, content marketing, mobile seo
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Our service brings to you the whole package

SEO comprises of a multitude of aspects and it can seem intimidating for someone who is just starting out on a different platform such as Baidu. This is where our services come into play. We specialize in technical optimization, link building, Webmaster tools, Mobile SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing and a lot more.

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China’s Search Market:
Only 2.3% of China’s search happens on Google

Google maybe big everywhere else, but Baidu’s got China

The above mentioned fact should serve as an eye opener for anyone who doesn’t fully recognize why Baidu SEO is important. For anyone looking for a global market for their products, it is very important to consider Baidu as big a challenge as Google because China is the biggest market in the world and Baidu is the key to its access commanding 68.5% of the search market.

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How we can help with selling real estate in China

Technical Search Engine Optimization

This takes care of the search engine spiders, increasing your website’s chances of being crawled, and consequently seeing an increase in visibility.

Social Media and Content Marketing

Both these aspects of SEO are equally important because they help create brand identity. We can help you connect with your prospects efficiently.

Mobile Search Engine Optimization

Mobile use is increasing all over the world and all search engines are fully aware of this. Being mobile optimized, therefore, can make all the difference.

Optimization using Baidu Webmaster Tools

The main problem with this portal is that it is only available in Chinese. However, it holds great value for SEO and that is why we have experts for it.

Baidu SEO Services

Our Packages

If you are looking to start out with or improve Baidu SEO then go ahead and have a look at our packages. We’ve got something for everyone. Let’s get to work!

basic plan

Target Keyword: 10
Approved Links: 175-200
Articles Creation: 02
Articles Distribution: 20

  • Local Business Listings: 20
  • Citation Building: 20
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standard plan

Target Keyword: 30
Approved Links: 250-275
Articles Creation: 05
Articles Distribution: 40

  • Local Business Listings: 30
  • Citation Building: 30
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deluxe plan

Target Keyword: 15
Approved Links: 250-275
Articles Creation: 03
Articles Distribution: 30

  • Local Business Listings: 25
  • Citation Building: 25
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premium plan

Target Keyword: 60
Approved Links: 750-800
Articles Creation: 12
Articles Distribution: 100

  • Local Business Listings: 40
  • Citation Building: 40
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Areas our services cover

  • Website development
  • Technical SEO
  • Mobile SEO
  • On-Page SEO
  • Baidu Webmaster Tools
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Link Building
  • SEO Audit
  • Analytics
  • Speed Optimization
  • Support

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We are as transparent about our methods as we can be. You can ask any question about your project and we’ll be happy to answer.

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Digital marketing services have earned a bad name for themselves over the past few years. We hope to change that through our work.

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